Outdoor Endpoints for Every Environment: What’s New from CyberData?

CyberData has recently launched an augmented line of innovative audio & visual notification endpoints that are ideal for SIP and InformaCast-enabled environments. These devices provide you with audio & visual alerting, while carrying an IP66 rating to withstand the elements. These alerts work wonders for parking garages, playgrounds, shipping & receiving docks, shelters, safe houses, and more.

The IP66 (Ingress/International Protection Marking) rating allows these devices to operate in harsh outdoor conditions. These devices are dust tight & will be completely protected against contact. When they come into contact with water, they will be protected from high pressure water jets in any direction.

011491 SIP Outdoor Call Button

This outdoor call button will alert you whenever someone pushes the button, indicating that they’re in need of assistance. The call button:

  • Provides a one-touch programmable call to an IP phone or page announcement
  • Can be mounted on an outside wall, external door, parking area, or in any harsh environment
  • Is activated by one-touch. A simple button press is all it takes to automatically place a call to the configured phone or extension number
  • Plays and repeats a stored audio file when the called number answers
  • Also works in an InformCast environment
  • Carries an IP66 rating

011489 InformaCast-Enabled Outdoor RGB Multi-Color Strobe

Use this device as part of a ring group or call group to give visual notification of incoming calls or pages. This visual alerting strobe:

  • Can be wall-mounted
  • Has an IP66 rating
  • Will play a specific color, brightness, and blink rate when an audio page is sent in InformaCast mode. Each option can be customized baed on the priority of the page
  • Supports 10 InformaCast priority levels. To take advantage of this feature, InformaCast v9.0.1 is required

011490 Outdoor Auxiliary RGB Multi-Color Strobe Kit

With this kit, you are provided with a 3 meter (9.8 foot) cable that will allow you to connect the strobe with a supported CyberData IP endpoint. The power and signaling for the strobe will come from that attached endpoint. This strobe:

  • Will be set up through the web interface of the attached CyberData IP endpoint, including the blink rates and brightness
  • Will play different strobe colors, blink rates, and brightness depending on different activation scenes
  • Has an IP66 rating
  • Meets ADA requirements for telephony signaling and notification

011479 SIP Outdoor RGB Multi-Color Strobe

Set up this strobe as part of a ring group or page group to give visual notification of incoming calls or pages. It can also be activated as part of a multicast group. Configure the strobe with up to 10 multicast addresses and activate it when a stream is sent to its address. The strobe:

  • Will respond to message waiting signals by blinking and will stop blinking once the message is heard
  • Features multiple colors, blink rates, and brightness which can be selected for each of the different activation levels
  • Has 10 multicast settings & supports 2 SIP extensions
  • Meetings ADA requirements
  • Sports a tamper sensor

For more information on these new CyberData products, or to learn about what other CyberData products are available, contact the 888VoIP team at sales@888VoIP.com or by calling 888-864-7786.

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