Increase facility safety by harnessing the power of Zoom with CyberData’s SIP Endpoints

Zoom, a leader in modern enterprise video communications, can also integrate with CyberData’s SIP endpoints to meet an organization’s paging, mass notification, and secure access control needs. All without purchasing additional licenses or accounts. If you are already using Zoom for communications across your organization, why not consider the advantages of increasing facility safety and enhancing communications all through the Zoom cloud.¬†

CyberData’s SIP endpoints include call buttons and office ringers for notification, intercoms for two-way communication and access control, speakers and strobes for audio and visual notification, zone paging with scheduled announcements, alarms, and bells, and indoor and outdoor amplification of paging and ringing. All of which can be powered by your network connection (power over ethernet), making installation a breeze. 

Call buttons and office ringers are what you need when one-way communications are necessary. For instance, if you want someone to message that there is an issue or help is required. These types of devices can signal a problem without acknowledgment. Applications for this could even include a panic button signal.

Intercoms are helpful for two-way communications – press a button to speak with someone; you can talk back and forth. These are especially helpful in access control scenarios. Examples could include letting someone in or out of a facility, vetting guests, all ways to increase your facility’s safety.

Speakers and strobes for audio and visual notification in manufacturing are often used together to indicate that a message is being conveyed. If you have an area where there is a lot of noise, the visual indicator can be a lifesaver.

Zone paging is familiar to many, as it is consistently found in schools. But, applications are not limited to that, many establishments can benefit from zoned paging because it allows messages to be directed to those that need that information. This could include audio messages or tone indicators for events during the day moving the facility along in synchronicity.

Let’s not forget the necessary amplification of messaging both indoors and outdoors. Cyberdata offers both indoor in-ceiling speakers as well as outdoor weather and animal-resistant horns ideal for making sure your message is heard. 

When you take all of that potential and power it through your Zoom Cloud or any SIP-enabled phone system, you unlock the capabilities of your network and increase the value of your investments.

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