CyberData Releases InformaCast Enabled WiFi Alert Button

Perfect for Enterprise-wide Alert Messaging

The InformaCast Enabled WiFi Alert Button works with the InformaCast Server to generate an event notification, which can then deliver an appropriate mass notification response across several different platforms.

When installed, the WiFi Alert Button can operate as an emergency or panic button, or a general “help” or “assistance needed” button. When the button is pressed, it can trigger an event or multiple events such as delivering an SMS message, playing a stored audio message over an endpoint, or placing a call to a phone and playing a stored audio message. The applications are varied, and work well in environments where there may be a need for an immediate and enterprise-wide response to an event, such as schools/universities, retirement homes and assisted living communities, and retail establishments.

The InformaCast Enabled WiFi Alert Button is a key component to any emergency notification solution, and is powered by any +5V supply, such as a cell phone charger. In the event of loss of power, there is a 4-hour backup battery.

Mounted on a wall, or discreetly under a desk, the InformaCast Enabled WiFi Alert Button provides an easy and reliable device that, when depressed, will send a message to the InformaCast® Server. When depressed, the WiFi Alert Button will generate an event within the InformaCast software which will then trigger an appropriate mass notification response.

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