Why Choose Cyberdata?

CyberData Corporation, based in Monterey, California, since its founding over 40 years ago, is a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative SIP Endpoints for the SMB, healthcare, education, and public/private sector and POS (Point of Sale) connectivity solutions.

Not only are they a respected manufacturer of SIP points, but they offer many programs and services that make them a premier brand to sell to your customers! Government sector customers will be happy to learn that Cyberdata is Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant!

Cyber Certification

Cyberdata offers its resellers and installers/integrators the chance to become Cyber Certified Partners. Those that are Cyber Certified have gone through Cyberdata’s training modules and testing to ensure they provide the best knowledge and support for any products they sell. Becoming certified comes with many perks:

  • Placement of company logo and hyperlink on CyberData Certified Resellers page
  • Leads for customers needing assistance in the coverage area
  • Advanced notice, demo, and training of new devices
  • Access to Loaner/Demo package of 3 of their most popular devices
  • Access to hi-res pictures, marketing collateral, news, diagrams
  • Certified Badge to be placed on your website

Additionally, Certified Resellers are eligible to participate in Cyberdata’s reseller reward program. In exchange for posting on social media, marketing Cyberdata promos, keeping track of purchase orders, and other activities, resellers earn “Cyberbucks,” which can be redeemed for products at MSRP value.

It pays to be certified!

Design Services

One of Cyberdata’s unique offerings is their design services. With their free design package, your customer gets a consultation with their specialists, where they examine blueprints and floorplans to determine the best configuration options based on what the customer wants to accomplish. These design specialists can make the best recommendations based on space requirements, budget, and more.

Their Free Design Services package includes:

  • Scope of Work
  • Marketing collateral
  • Bill of Material w/MSRP pricing
  • Blueprint/floor plan review w/CyberData device placement
  • Network connectivity diagrams
  • Specific PBX interop/configuration guides

With reseller-incentivized programs and buyer-focused design services, Cyberdata puts its resellers first.

Get in contact with our Sales Team to find out how you can sell Cyberdata. Or visit their page on our online store.

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