5 Features of Video Intercoms that You Need to Examine

It may seem self-explanatory why businesses, mixed-use buildings, schools, nursing care facilities, and residential complexes are in need intercoms.  Intercoms allow indoor users to “know” who is at their outdoor intercom station.  In today’s world, many of these intercoms do not just feature an audio component, but also feature video, allowing whoever is inside to get a clear view of what’s waiting for them on the other side of the door.  A fuCyberdata Video Intercomll view of your visitor allows you to only allow in expected company, to politely decline solicitors that may stop by, or intercept important deliveries.
As with every product on the market today, there are many different video intercom options.  But how do you choose the ideal solution for you?  By examining five different features of the intercom itself.

  • Keypad Options:  Determine whether or not you need a single button or full keypad option.  For buildings with multiple units, opting for a full 12-key keypad would be more beneficial than a single call button.  If your building is open during later hours, you should also find a unit that includes a keypad backlight.
  • Camera Features:  Gone are the days of settling on a video intercom with a grainy B&W screen.  Gravitate towards an option with an HD screen, lowlight capacity and color video.  An adjustable camera will give you maximum viewing coverage, so look for cameras that can be rotated 180 degrees.
  • Weather Resistance: Material is also important when choosing an intercom.  Frequent exposure to the elements will cause the casing of your unit to wear quickly, so choose a material that’s industrial strength & metal.  These units also generally tend to be less likely to scratch and can withstand vandalism.  If you’re eyeing a unit that may not withstand the weather, check to see if there’s an available optional weather shroud attachment.  You can easily find out the degree of protection of the unit by checking its Ingress Protection (IP) Rating.  IP60 and higher ratings can guarantee total protection from dust ingress, while IP64 ratings and higher can guarantee protection from water spray in any direction.
  • Technological Features: What features do you need from your intercom in order for it to work with your business IP telephone system & Internet?  Check to see if your intercom model is SIP-enabled and will allow you to setup & terminate VoIP telephone calls.  Other features to check are PoE (Powered-over-Ethernet) and support of SRST (survivable remote site telephony)
  • Alert & Signal Features:  Only you know the full purpose of your telecom system, so you will know whether or not you are going to need multiple alerts.  It will be beneficial in high vandalism areas to find an intercom with a tamper alert.  For retail and business environments, an ideal intercom will offer a door closure alert.  For those with a need for custom alerts, it is best to find an intercom solution that provides access to downloadable alerts, ringtones, and different callout messages.

Cyberdata, carried by 888VoIP, has recently announced two upcoming outdoor video intercom solutions: a single button model & a full keypad model – both with an optional weather shroud that can be purchased.  Learn more about this solution, which provides many beneficial features for a variety of settings, on our Cyberdata page.

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