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What is TAA Compliance and Why is it Important?

You've probably heard it a number of ways: TAA, Compliance, TAA Compliant, Trade Agreement Act Compliant, etc. But what is TAA Compliance? What does it mean for your business and the products you sell to your customers? What is TAA? The Trade Agreements Act (TAA) was established in July of 1979 and builds on the Trade Act of 1974. It was originally established to provide opportunities for the USA to further involve itself in the international trade market, and to establish...

Why Choose Cyberdata?

CyberData Corporation, based in Monterey, California, since its founding over 40 years ago, is a leader in designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative SIP Endpoints for the SMB, healthcare, education, and public/private sector and POS (Point of Sale) connectivity solutions. Not only are they a respected manufacturer of SIP points, but they offer many programs and services that make them a premier brand to sell to your customers! Government sector customers will be happy to learn that Cyberdata is Trade Agreements Act...