Recapping 2019: VoIP Hardware Highlights

2019 saw an exponential increase in communication innovations which were reflected in some of the biggest VoIP product releases and spotlight solutions of the year. These features and improvements heightened the capabilities of already cutting-edge technologies, providing for better collaboration.

Smartphone Meets Deskphone

To say that smartphone usage is prevalent is quite an understatement. Statista estimates that approximately 257.3 million Americans use a smartphone, which comprises almost 70% of the population. This number drastically increases when looking at an international snapshot of cell phone usage. With workers becoming accustomed to working with and on their smartphones, the VoIP industry has incorporated the devices quickly and effectively. Desksets can now run through smartphones or connect directly to them through Bluetooth and other means. Two of the top “smartphone incorporators” of the past year included:

  • Poly Elara 60: This sleek desktop device is powered by Microsoft Teams and a personal mobile phone, perfect for the mobile-first user. This Poly solution is easy to deploy, with no need for provisioning or wiring.
  • Yealink CP960: One of the most powerful conferencing units from Yealink, the CP960 allows users to create a hybrid UC meeting. Bridge calls from different devices into one conference call by pairing with Bluetooth or via USB. The CP960 is also available in Microsoft Teams and Zoom editions, making this conference unit extremely future-proof.

Going Wireless

No need to be tethered down to a desk, cubicle, or conference table. With wireless technology, associates can take advantage of full mobility and leave the ball-and-chain desk behind. Some of 2019’s featured wireless solutions include:

  • Snom C620: This brand new conference phone from Snom embodies what it means to be truly wireless. DECT 6.0 technology allows for a completely wireless experience – with 24 hours of talk time, 2 wireless mics, and base station charging dock.
  • Yealink W80B: Increase the wire-free zone with the newest Yealink DECT IP multi-cell base station. The system supports up to 100 handsets, 100 simultaneous calls, and a radio coverage range of 50m indoors.

Incorporating Microsoft Teams

Technology is moving from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams, as businesses all over the world are turning to this powerful collaboration/productivity powerhouse. Microsoft Teams provides a workspace for associates where they can chat, share files, interact with business apps, utilize Office 365, and work better together. As businesses turn to Teams, they will need to replace their older devices with ones that are Teams-enabled. The VoIP industry already has it covered.

  • Jabra Panacast: Teams functions flawlessly with the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution. You’ll experience instant collaboration and enjoy a natural, human perspective with no blind spots.

Accessible Video Calling

Reliance on email as the primary form of communication is shifting in offices, with over a third of small businesses turning to video call & instant message tools, such as Zoom and Slack. Going into the next decade, technologies that embrace both voice and video will be chosen in offices, while email will fall a bit behind.

Video calls are not new by any means; however, in 2019, there has been a noticeable uptick in video-centric VoIP hardware. Visual communication has emerged on the desktop through IP video phones, which is ideal for those who work in remote offices, communicate with long-distance clients, or manage many associates. Some of the top video phones of 2019 included:

  • Yealink T58A with CAM50: This smart media phone provides users with both an enhanced HD audio experience paired with exceptional video calls. The phone boasts an impressive 7″ adjustable touch screen, Android 5.1.1 operating system, and integrated WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Grandstream GXV3380: This keyless high-end Smart Video Phone is a 16-line, 8-inch “tablet” that allows for comprehensive communication with its HDMI in/out capability for content sharing. Running Android 7.x, the phone allows for access to Android-based communication apps (and more).

Customer-Centric Cloud Services

Cloud utilization can greatly simplify any device management process and top manufacturers have been steadily rolling out these cloud-based platforms. Packed with different functionalities & capabilities that their customers crave, some of the services include:

  • Yealink Management Cloud Service (YMCS): YMCS is a cloud-based platform deployed on the public cloud with multi-level management capabilities. YMCS offers integrated RPS services, enables automatic pre-provisioning of devices, allows IT Managers to implement mass configurations, and will diagnose & solve device issues.
  • Patton Cloud: Patton developed their cloud platform to simplify edge services, SIP trunking, and IoT connectivity. These services are now easily deployed and managed. The Patton Cloud offers users a single portal to provision, manage, secure, alert, troubleshoot, analyze, and optimize their CPE devices, licenses, and value-added services. Users can perform automatic provisioning and troubleshooting – with just a few clicks.

The cloud is becoming more and more important and going into 2020, Resellers should become aware of all the cloud software & services they can offer to their customers. With CloudCo Partner, an affiliate of 8888VoIP, Resellers can comfortably offer their clients private cloud, SIP trunking, IaaS, Network Edge Orchestration services, routers, and cloud-based PBX systems – all while receiving personalized & high-quality support and service. To learn more about what CloudCo Partner offers, visit their website.

Get a jump-start on the new decade by ensuring that your product portfolio includes all that 2019 had to offer. These solutions – and more – are a necessity for succeeding in the upcoming year. Contact the 888VoIP at 888-864-7786 or for more information on all these solutions and to get an upcoming view of what’s to come in early 2020.

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