New Features Coming – 888VoIP Customer Portal V1.1

To continually provide an excellent customer experience, we’re making some enhancements to our online customer portal. These updates directly result from feedback we’ve received from customers like you. Here are some of the enhancements you can expect in the coming days:

  • Order Search: You can now search through all of your orders by PO Number, ERP Order ID, API Order ID, SKU, Serial, or MAC Address.
  • New API: Our new API is available for use. To enable access, please go to your Account Details page, enable the Test API Account, and provide an email address. You will receive an automated email to set your password for API access.
  • East/West Warehouse Auto Selection: When inputting shipping address information for an order, we will automatically check the best warehouse to ship from either Reno, NV or Buffalo, NY to save you money and time.
  • Bulk Order: Already know exactly what you want and how much? Utilize the Customer Portal’s Bulk Order entry form located under My Account to quickly place your order without browsing the site or searching for a specific product.
  • Purchase Lists: Placing recurring orders? Utilize the Purchase List feature in My Account to create a template orders and simply add them in the Bulk Order section.
  • MSRP Pricing: MSRP pricing is now listed on individual product pages (when available).
  • Custom Shipping Labels: Allows customers to upload custom shipping labels (jpg, png, or pdf) in the checkout section. Note: Please speak with your sales representative to activate this feature.

These updates to the customer portal (V1.1) will be available to all customers starting December 20, 2021. If you have any questions or suggestions for improvements, please give us a call at 888-864-7786 or email

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