How to Set 3CX Caller ID

We have been getting a whole lot of questions lately in regards to setting outgoing caller ID on a 3CX IP-PBX with our, and other, Voip Services.  I recently typed up a quick knowledge-base article about this, which you can find here.

If you are having problems with your 3CX passing your custom Numeric Caller ID, follow these quick steps and it should enable your 3CX to start passing your local caller ID settings.

1.) Within your 3CX Management Console, go to the VOIP Provider tab on the left hand side bar.
2.) Next, Choose the VoIP Provider that you have set up and are having caller ID issues with.  Highlight this selection and choose the ‘Edir Provider Option’.
3.) Once inside your VoIP Provider, select the ‘Outbound parameters’ tab.
4.) Scroll down to the ‘Content of SIP Fields’ section.
5.) In the ‘SIP Field’ drop-down box, select ‘Remote Party Id – Calling Party: Display Name’, and in the Variable field, select ‘Caller Name – Caller’s Name’
6.) Click Add/Update to select this parameter.
7.) In the ‘SIP Field’ drop-down box, select ‘Remote Party ID – Calling Party : User Part’, and in the Variable field, select ‘CallerNum – Caller’s Number’
8.) Click Add/Update to select this parameter.
9.) Select Apply. and OK at the bottom of the screen to save your changes.

Once these two parameters are added, you should be able to pass your custom numeric caller ID (which can be set in each extension, in the Other Tab)  over VoIP!  If you continue to have issues, then I suggest you contact your 3CX Reseller, or if you have direct support, 3CX.

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Written by Matthew Hanson, 888VoipStore Support Engineer

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