3CX with Grandstream Video Phones

Written by Matthew Hanson, 888VoipStore Support Engineer
Recently, we had a client looking to start a business reselling VoIP video phones and providing accompanying service. He planned to provide a hosted solution, with the ability to install various VoIP video phones throughout businesses in his area.  Doing so would allow these video phones to not only work with each other, but also in conjunction with video phones around the country. With business model in hand, our client trusted 888VoipStore to solve his biggest question:
“What do I need to do this?”
The question seemed simple enough, but as an 888VoipStore Support Engineer, I wanted to give the client a thorough and solid response to his inquiry. There are very limited options when it comes to VoIP Video Phones, and there are no IP-PBX which specifically specialize in this to my knowledge. We found ourselves at a crossroads: which phones and IP-PBX will seamlessly interface guaranteeing a smooth set-up and comfortable user experience? We provide full solutions and therefore we wanted to be able to sufficiently test before we began making recommendations.

We started with the phone. Naturally, we chose the Grandstream GXV3000. The GXV3000 is a very popular model with many of our clients and has worked amazingly well for us in the past, so it was an obvious choice. Similar to the GXV3000 is the Grandstream GXV3005, which combines the excellence of a GXV3000 with an added FXO port for more functionality.
When it came time to choose a phone system or service, we knew without a doubt that utilizing an IP-PBX would be a perfect fit. Ultimately, we selected the 3CX because the Windows environment and the familiar feel of 3CX for a Windows user is slightly less daunting for customers new to the VoIP World. While our Linux server-based solutions are also very easy to use, some customers are simply intimidated by the idea of a Linux Box in their office.
At this point, we had our building blocks: a couple Grandstream GXV3000 and our Test Bench 3CX server. As this was a custom solution, I wanted to personally test the products and their configurations, ensuring our customer received the perfect solution for his new company. Previous to this occasion, I had never registered and used a Grandstream Video Phone. I expected that there would be numerous extra steps in addition to the normal set-up of an IP phone due to the video components. I even assumed there would be some additional 3CX configuration.
But I was wrong.
In fact, it could not have been easier. I simply logged into my 3CX, created a few extensions, and registered them to our GXV3000 video phones. Done. As simple as that. I was able to call extension to extension with crisp, clear video. Just to verify this would work over the “internet cloud,” I registered one of the GXV3000 as a remote phone, where it also worked flawlessly.
For 3CX users, or anyone looking to have quality video phone capabilities, this system will work exceptionally, at an exceptional price. Companies with multiple locations can definitely take advantage of the benefits of 3CX. By linking office 3CX systems, employees can make extension to extension video calls between locations….for free. This solution is a great way to protect your bottom line during these tumultous economic times.
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