The Top 6 Reasons You Need the Yealink T58V Smart Media Phone

So many video phones, yet so little time to decide on the right option for your business’ needs.  Recently, Yealink announced their new T5S Smart Media Phone line, and if you’re searching for a video model, the T58V is the phone you must try out – whether you’re a service provider, value-added reseller or end user.  Let us list the ways:

  1. Advanced Features but Easy to Use: The SIP-T58V includes many advanced telephony features to enhance a productive communication experience; however, the T58V is as easy to use as a standard phone. You’ll quickly & efficiently be able to train your team on how to use and implement this tool.
  2. The Screen Itself: This all-new smart media phone features a gorgeous, crystal clear 7” multi-point LCD touch screen.  To make it easier for your team to view the screen at their desk, the screen is adjustable with a 48° vertical tilt angle.
  3. An Enhanced Video Experience: The screen is not the only feature with bragging rights.  The T58V comes with a dynamic, removable two-megapixel HD camera, CAM50, which has specifically been designed for optimal face-to-face conversations.  Like the screen, the camera can easily be adjusted with a 50° vertical tilt angle.
  4. It’s based on an Android Operating System: The entire system is based on Android 5.1.1 and includes a built-in browser, email, calendar, and more.  Plus, the Android operating system means that administrators can install additional Android applications on the phones.  This will help improve collaboration & productivity and give your team access to apps that will help them boost their communication.
  5. Enhanced Audio Features to Improve Listening: Your teams’ listening capabilities have never been better.  The T58V includes the latest version of Yealink’s Optimal HD Voice technologies and supports the Opus codec.  This will help to maximize the acoustic performance of not only the phone’s handset but the headset & especially the speakerphone.  Plus, its hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset will help any of your team members who are impacted by hearing loss.
  6. Easy Provisioning & Management for Your Administrators: Whoever on your team is handling the management of your phone system will be thrilled by the ease of the T58V.  This model supports Yealink’s efficient Auto-Provisioning mechanism, including phone deployment & application installation.  Also, any administrator has the ability to take advantage of centralized deployment, management, updating, and uninstalling.  Maintenance and application standardization have never been easier.

In case you still have not been convinced that your team or your customers would greatly benefit from the addition of Yealink’s T58V, download the T58V datasheet to learn more.  You’ll find more details on the above features, as well as phone features, feature keys, and additional information on the interface, network, and security.
Interested in the Yealink T58V?  Get in touch with the 888VoIP team now at 888-864-7786 or e-mail us at

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