How To: Disinfect a Yealink MVC System

Yealink MVC MTouch Screen

With the pandemic still in full force, cleanliness should be a priority in all environments, including offices and conference rooms. Because many of the accessories of the Yealink MVC system, like the MTouch, HDMI cables, and WPP20, are frequently touched, they need to be frequently disinfected – at least once a day or more. Best practice would be to disinfect after every use. Accessories that are rarely touched, such as the camera, should be disinfected but on a less frequent basis. Read our quick how-to guide on disinfecting the MVC devices and ensuring that they’re used hygienically.

Disinfecting the Devices

Before disinfecting any of the devices, make sure that they’re fully powered off. When choosing your cleaning supplies, opt for an anti-bacterial disinfectant or over-the-counter isopropyl alcohol that has an alcohol concentration of at least 75%. You want to avoid spraying any alcohol or disinfectant onto the device itself, as this can lead to fluid inflow. Instead, spray the isopropyl alcohol onto a dry microfiber cleaning cloth, which you will use to wipe the devices in a gentle manner.

Once it is time to clean the devices, make sure you do so in the recommended way. For HDMI content cables, first, unplug the cables and then wipe along them. Wipe the WPP20 in the same fashion. For both, avoid getting any cleaner into the charge ports as those should not get wet. The MTouch screen should be wiped gently. For the microphone, make sure to wipe the mute button and then the microphone edge. When cleaning the other devices that are rarely touched, make sure you take caution to clean them gently, especially when near the lens of the camera.

Click here to watch a video demonstration of the disinfection process

Using Devices Hygienically

Users of these MVC devices are responsible for utilizing them in the most hygienic way possible, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other germs. Here are some tips & tricks from Yealink on how you can use these devices in the cleanest way:

  • Reduce how frequently you touch the MTouch. You can book the MTR in advance and then join the meeting using just one click. Additionally, you can apply the Microsoft Teams Rooms proximity feature.
  • Make sure your hands are clean before using any of these devices. Keep sanitizer on hand and in the conference room.
  • Wipe down any devices you touched once you’ve used them.
  • Wear a mask in the conference room and practice social distancing. With the MVC, it is OK to keep your distance from one another. You will still be heard! The MVC microphone has a wide pickup range of 3 meters for wireless mics and 6 meters for wired mics.

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