Snom DECT Solutions for Every Business

SMB DECT Mobility Key Line Series

The Snom M100 Series is ideal for small businesses that need an easy-to-learn solution (no training necessary). Pizza shops, retail stores and car dealerships find this system the perfect communications tool for their busy, on-the-go workplaces. Users can place a call on hold with one button, then retrieve the call from another device. Reduce cabling costs, monthly phone bills and allow for rapid installation.

M100 Series

Enterprise DECT Mobility Multi-Cell Solution

Need to walk and talk? Mobile environments like hospitals, manufacturing, and warehouses call for wireless communication coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings. Don’t sacrifice functionality and quality for increased mobility. Snom DECT solutions provide a dedicated frequency supported by expansive multi-cell capabilities to prevent interference and boost audio quality while reducing dead zones altogether. Snom offers a variety of handsets for every user, which you can mix and match in installations that run on M700 and M900 base stations. Plus, the M900 is backward compatible, meaning you can seamlessly expand or replace existing units. Install and interchange industrial, rugged, antibacterial and professional handsets with ease in one quick session.

M700 Series

SIP Wireless Conference Solution

Stop tripping and shouting in the conference room! The C620, with DECT 6.0 technology, allows total wireless freedom for placement in your conference room without tripping over wires. With up to 24 hours of talk time and two detachable microphones, experience less frustration and more successful conversations. Scalable for large meeting rooms, teams can spread out and be heard.


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