Deploy VoIP Mobility: Meet Grandstream’s New Generation of DECT Solutions

Grandstream DP DECT Series

Mobilizing communication within any network environment leads to increased efficiency & collaboration. This is easy to accomplish with Grandstream’s new generation of DECT cordless phones & base station: the DP722/730/752. This line includes a high-end handset, mid-tier handset, and a powerful base station. With customized features and a long range of up to 450 meters, these devices are ideal for any business user who needs to communication “on-the-go.”

Types of organizations that can benefit from these DECT devices are endless and include: hospitals, emergency rooms, hotels, schools & universities, restaurants, retail stores, construction sites, and warehouse environments. This businesses will benefit not only from the mobility aspect of the series, but also its affordability and long-range capabilities.

Product Rundown

DP730 Cordless HD Handset

Grandstream DP730

The DP730 high-end DECT cordless IP phone allows users to mobilize their VoIP network in essentially any business environment. It is supported by Grandstream’s DP750/752 DECT VoIP base stations, delivering a combination of mobility & top-notch telephony performance. The phone features:

  • Full customization
  • Support of up to five DP730s on each base staton
  • Outdoor range support of up to 400 meters
  • Indoor range support of up to 50 meters
  • 40 hours of talk time & 500 hours of standby time
  • Support of up to 10 SIP accounts
  • Full HD audio
  • 2.4″ color display

DP722 Cordless HD Handset

Grandstream DP722

The DP722 mid-tier DECT cordless IP phone also enables mobility in even the most demanding work environment. Supported by the Grandstream DP750/DP752, this cost-effective and affordable option will deliver the high-quality communication experience workers need. This phone features:

  • Support of up to five DP722s on each base station
  • Outdoor range support of up to 350 meters
  • Indoor range support of up to 50 meters
  • 20 hours of talk time & 250 hours of standby time
  • Support of up to 10 SIP accounts
  • Full HD audio
  • 1.8″ color display

DP752 DECT Base Station

Grandstream DP752

The DP752 is a powerful DECT VoIP base station that pairs with up to five of Grandstream’s DP series DECT handsets. Offering mobility to both business and residential users, the base station gives users an extended range to move freely around their office or home. This base station features:

  • Outdoor range support of up to 400 meters
  • Indoor range support of up to 50 meters
  • Support of up to 10 SIP accounts
  • Support of up to 5 concurrent calls
  • 3-way conferencing
  • Full HD audio
  • Integrated PoE

Customer Feedback

The DECT series has been thoroughly tested by Grandstream Beta Testers, with the testers coming to consensus that the new generation is a game-changer. Some of the feedback includes:

  • “The range is unbelievable for any DECT phone.”
  • “My office is in a metal building that is basically a faraday cage & even with the door closed (which blocks all cellular signal), I could walk over 500 feet from the base (which was also sitting inside the metal of my 42u rack). I never expected that. I can’t imagine how good it’d do outside of the metal building.”
  • “This blows any other DECT phone completely away. I had not even anticipated that the phone would work in this remote building until it rang.”

The DP730 & DP752 are now available through 888VoIP! To find out more about how you can purchase the solution, contact an 888VoIP Account Manager at 888-864-7786 or by e-mailing the sales team at

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