Azure & AWS Hosted SBC for Microsoft Teams

Enable Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams from the Azure Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Organizations around the globe are moving to Teams for video conferencing, file sharing and chat. Ribbon makes it easy to extend those capabilities by securely connecting Teams to an external telephone network, turning Teams into the office phone system. Organizations can immediately move some or all of their business phone calls to Teams or slowly migrate off of a legacy PBX, depending on their needs. And since Teams clients work on a PC/Mac or smartphone, users can make and receive calls from almost anywhere, on any device, staying connected and productive.

The key is Ribbon’s Session Border Controller, Software Edition (SBC – SWe Lite). It lives in the Azure or AWS cloud and provides a secure bridge between your enterprise network and a Communication Service Provider (CSP). There is no hardware to deploy or manage, as everything is in the cloud. The solution is operational in minutes and can scale up or down as needed. Ribbon even offers a 30-day trial license so your organization can try it out.

  • Microsoft-certified
  • No hardware to install
  • 30-day trial license
  • Full media services
  • Robust security to keep bad actors out of your network
  • Choose your Communications Service Provider (AKA phone company)

Ribbon’s SBC software is designed for compute efficiency. In fact, a small business can be supported with a single Standard_B1ms virtual machine instance on Azure or a t3.small virtual machine instance on AWS.

What is the SBC’s Role in Direct Routing?

Microsoft requires a certified SBC to act as bridge between Teams and the telephone network. The session border controller provides multiple functions:

  • Security – it acts as a voice-aware firewall and encrypts traffic to protect the voice traffic itself and to prevent bad actors from entering the data network via the voice network
  • Interoperability – not every SIP Trunking provider is identical, Ribbon’s SBCs can adjust key parameters to make set-up easy and trouble-free
  • Legacy Connectivity – many organizations still have analog phones, elevator phones, door phones and fax machines. Ribbon’s hardware–based SBCs have analog ports (FXS) to keep these assets working for years to come
  • Migration – often organizations want to slowly migrate to Teams, keeping their legacy PBX in place for weeks or even months or years. Ribbon SBCs can provide simultaneous ringing so that both Teams and the old PBX share connectivity.
  • Resiliency or Fail over – Ribbon SBCs have multiple options to manage disruptions in service depending on the deployment model. These tools can keep your organization connected even if the unexpected happens.

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