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Why You Need Cloud2Edge Complete: 6 Benefits Discussed

With how rapidly technology changes, innovative products are released on the daily. It can be quite challenging to determine which solution fits and fulfills your VoIP needs. Edgewater Networks, the leader in Network Edge Orchestration, released its Cloud2Edge Complete solution this year – a new, flexible model for taking advantage of all the products and services Edgewater Networks has to offer. Cloud2Edge is a gamechanger for resellers, who are now able to manage all their devices across all customers from one point.
If you are already utilizing EdgeMarc devices, like the EdgeMarc 2900e, Cloud2Edge Complete should be a no-brainer; however, if you are still apprehensive, here are some of the biggest benefits you will experience by utilizing this new advanced device monitoring service:

A Variety of Cost Savings

There are an array of ways to save with Cloud2Edge, first with it being a single monthly price. Customers will only pay one flat fee per site. Upfront costs are also eliminated, and hardware costs are reduced up to as much as 80%.

SIP Survivability EnabledCloud2Edge

SIP survivability is extremely important, as it allows a device to keep phones registered even if the connection to the PBX fails. This allows inner office calls to continue between extensions. With the EdgeMarc 2900a, there is the availability to utilize PSTN failover, as well as inner office calls, if the PBX fails for any reason.

Central Device Management

One of the biggest benefits of Cloud2Edge is that resellers can manage devices centrally from one point. There will be no need to log into devices or go to sites to complete any changes that need to be made, including single variable changes or entire configuration rewrites. You can also complete firmware upgrades to one or multiple devices.

Device Statuses & Backups

Users of Cloud2Edge will have a live view of all their EdgeMarc inventory and device statuses, which will contain information such as firmware, model, MAC, public IP and extensions registered through the device. Cloud2Edge will also keep a historical backup of the devices’ configuration, just in case there is a need to rollback a change or quickly replace a device that has failed.

Quick Touchless Deployment

There is no worrying about configuration. Keep a base configuration, which will be pushed to devices as they get plugged in. This configuration will be stored on the server and can be a full configuration suited to work with your hosted platform.

Network & Call Quality Data

Each and every call that is made is logged on the system. Details about network quality and MOS scores are all recorded for easy searchability and simple diagnostics. To get even more insight on MOS scores, you can set a MOS score threshold and be notified via e-mail alert if any calls drop below that threshold.

There are even more benefits to utilizing Cloud2Edge Complete, including the inclusion of SC licenses and global report page dashboard. Let the product experts at 888VoIP, a leading VoIP distributor, help you learn more these Cloud2Edge benefits, other VoIP business phone systems, and VoIP software solutions. The expert team can be reached at 888-864-7786 or by e-mailing

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