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Patton Smartnode 5541 8JS8V/EUI

The SmartNode 5541 Series of Enterprise Session Border Controllers (with Analog Interfaces) support up to eight telephone connections integrating legacy equipment in to a UCC Environment. High quality voice and reliable fax over any IP network. All-IP does not end when analog terminals have to be integrated. Security and quality guaranteed.

Policy Routing on Patton SmartNodes

Patton SmartNodes are not just gateways. The SmartNode includes a very powerful IP routing engine that includes features usually only found in much more expensive networking devices. This post introduces the Policy Routing feature in some detail to underline the statement above. A typical IP CPE router includes an IP routing table which can be populated with A default route Static routes Automatically learned routes from DHCP, ICMP and maybe some routing protocols (RIP, OSPF) A Patton router goes beyond this. It allows you...