Key Advantages of Choosing Hosted VoIP

Businesses have been faced with the challenge of choosing hosted PBX, hosted VoIP, or an on-premise VoIP that is internally hosted. To save IT dollars or to counteract having few internal IT resources, businesses of all sizes have been gravitating towards hosted VoIP. Hosted VoIP is a cloud-based phone system where a provider houses the IP PBX in their data center. The provider also handles service technology, calls, signaling, and features. The customer just needs to make sure their desk sets are connected to the internal network.
While there is an array of factors to assess when determining whether to choose hosted VoIP over on-premise, hosted VoIP does offer many different benefits that must be considered:
Easy to Manage
A hosted VoIP system is easy to manage since nearly all the management is done for you. Software updates and maintenance will be handled by the provider. Your internal IT team will only need to work with the service provider to ensure that service is working smoothly. Now your IT team can spend time working on other valuable projects.
No one truly knows how quickly their business is going to grow, but when it does, a hosted VoIP system can grow with it. Instead of having to install a new line or increase the network capacity, you will just increase your monthly fee. A higher monthly fee will ensure that you have the capacity that your business needs. The flexibility to scale a VoIP system with hosted VoIP is ideal for businesses that need short-term capacity throughout the year (i.e. for seasonal customer service, call centers, collections agencies).
Cost Savings
Overall, hosted VoIP can save businesses a good deal of money. The low setup cost eliminates large upfront costs. There is no need to make a large capital investment for a phone system or equipment. In turn, this also will rid businesses of having to pay maintenance fees on a system.
Instead, businesses pay a monthly fee to the server provider. Fees vary based upon the plan best suited for the company. These monthly fees allow it to become much easier to budget and plan for technology-related expenses. Also, since additional features are generally included in these fees, you will be dealing with only one monthly cost.
Always Up-To-Date
With an on-premise PBX, you have complete control of your solution, so you will upgrade your own system. While this offers great flexibility, new software releases will be costly and every addition will have to be managed by your internal IT team. With hosted VoIP, though, you will receive the latest and greatest software updates – with all new features being rolled out consistently. They will deploy the latest update to your users, so nothing else will need to be done on your end. Your team will always have the most up-to-date solution.
The implementation of any phone solution or system can be difficult, even after researching the benefits and considerations of hosted VoIP. To make decisions a bit easier, the VoIP specialists at 888VoIP can assist in this process. Learn about different hardware and software solutions – including VoIP business phone systems – by contacting the team at 888-864-7786 or

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