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Professional Headsets & Speakers

When it comes to productivity, the right tools matter. Jabra headsets and speakerphones have been meticulously engineered to deliver professional UC-certified sound when in the office or on the go. Jabra’s vast portfolio of headsets are feature-loaded, sporting advanced noise cancellation technology, a multitude of wearing styles, Bluetooth®, models certified for Skype for Business, and more. Every associate can find a headset that will work with their phone and their needs.

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Why Jabra?

Jabra has developed intelligent audio solutions that will allow all business associates to do more, hear more, and be more. Communication is enhanced and collaboration is heightened. Jabra solutions are perfect for professional end-users, including those that are:


The Engage Series & BIZ2400 II


The Evolve Series & Speak

Mobile On-the-Go

The Motion & Stealth Series

Jabra Engage Series

Engineered to Enhance Customer Satisfaction

The Engage Series is ideal for call-centric associates including agents, traders, financial advisors, sales & customer representatives, and those in a call center environment. The Engage Series headsets may include advanced features including:

– Wireless & corded capabilities
– Multiple wearing styles: headband, earhooks, and neckband
– Fast charging time
– Extensive talk time of up to 13 hours (on some models)
– Advanced noise-canceling microphone
– Integrated busylight

Engage 75

Stereo, Mono, and Convertible Headsets

With industry-leading wireless performance and density, the Jabra Engage 75 has been deemed the world’s most powerful professional wireless headset. The Engage 75 can connect to up to five devices at once (desk phone, softphone, analog phone, and 2 Bluetooth devices), providing you with unparalleled flexibility. Get up to 13 hours talk time after you quickly charge to 100% in only 90 minutes. The small base has an intuitive touchscreen that shows connected devices, battery life, and call controls.

√ Advanced-noise canceling microphone
√ Meets Skype for Business Open Office requirements
√ DECT security, 128-bit authentication, HIPAA compliant

Industry-leading wireless performance.

New Jabra Evolve2 Series

Meet the new standard in business audio.

As business gets more complex, the need for unwavering concentration & enhanced collaboration gets greater. Jabra has re-engineered their world-leading Evolve Series in every single way, wowing users with significant performance enhancements across the board including more mics, bigger speakers, a 360° busylight, and further integration with Microsoft Teams. The new Evolve2 40, 65, and 85 will keep you focused, agile, and on task.

Jabra Evolve Series

Engineered to Enhance Productivity in Offices & On-the-Go.

The Evolve Series is optimal for task-based associates in an open office who demand full concentration including marketing, R&D, and supply chain. The Evolve Series also meets the requirement of your remote employees who work in large territories, make client visits, and travel frequently. These headsets are geared towards collaborators who want to avoid disruptive noise. The Evolve Series headsets may include advanced features such as:

– World-class speakers that deliver amazing sound
– Passive & active noise cancellation technology
– Wireless & corded capabilities
– Bluetooth® connectivity
– Skype for Business certification
– Compatibility with all leading UC platforms

Evolve 75e

World’s first professional UC-certified wireless earbuds

Exceptional audio performance when on calls and when listening to music, the Jabra Evolve 75e will appease the needs of an array of task-based associates. Perfect for the mobile-first employee, the three-microphone technology creates its own “talk-zone” so you are heard on the call but background noise is effectively filtered out.

√ Skype for Business certified wireless earbuds
√ ANC and integrated busylight
√ Fully charged in just 2 hours and up to 14 hours of battery

Jabra can make your workforce more productive.

Jabra Speak Series

Regardless of office or conference room size, the Jabra Speak Series has a speakerphone option that’s right for you – with sizes perfect to sit on the conference room table or be packed in a briefcase to talk to sales meetings. These speakers make calls easy with intuitive interfaces, connectivity options such as Bluetooth, and superb sound quality.

Jabra PanaCast

Introducing the world’s first intelligent 180° Panoramic-4K plug-and-play video solution. Your employees may be working elsewhere – at home, in another office, on the road – but you can still see and hear them with the Jabra PanaCast. The Panoramic-4K video technology provides you with a full 180° field of view. This solution is ideal for small spaces & huddle rooms and plays well with the Jabra Speak 710 speakerphone. The PanaCast is also Microsoft Teams Certified.

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