VoIP Phone System Basics: Key Features You Should Know About

As practical communication tools, VoIP business phone systems come packed with distinct features. You get to choose the capabilities you’d prefer, but with so many options, it can be hard to get started. Here’s how to know which features might be right for you.

VoIP Goes Beyond Mere Calling

VoIP phone systems for medium business deployments do more than just let you place and receive calls. There are also plenty of bells and whistles, and experts say these optional features are some of the most important aspects of selecting a configuration. Since VoIP implementations intrinsically make use of data networks, you get to improve yours with features like:

Directory Services and Caller ID

In addition to getting information on who’s calling, you can dial using your stored contacts and other records. Some unified systems even create contact records automatically when you call new people.

Multiparty Calling

Why limit yourself to 2- or 3-way calling? Modern VoIP conference phone setups let you bring entire departments and teams in on the conversation.

Intelligent Routing, Distribution and Forwarding

One of the coolest aspects of VoIP phone systems is that you do not necessarily have to be near your handset or workstation to use them. Many can forward your calls to your mobile device, so it is easy to bring the office with you as you travel.
You can even set up advanced departmental routing and vacation forwarding so that callers always reach the right parties when they dial specific extensions. As devices like Amazon Alexa become more conversant with VoIP, using broadly compatible implementations could pay off in a big way.

Portable Numbers

Used to doing business with your current phone number? Just port it over to your VoIP service. That way, you do not have to reissue your contact information to help others stay in touch.

Smarter Voicemail and Document Integration

VoIP voicemail systems are quite advanced. For instance, software like Google Voice can automatically transcribe your received voicemails to text that you can read in an email or SMS message.
These call systems also associate contact information with individual conversations. You can easily send document attachments or IP faxes to whomever you were just talking to without having to remember their email or number.

Going Above and Beyond Your Old Landline

These are just a few of the features that VoIP phone suppliers have to offer. Modern business VoIP phone systems incorporate everything from advanced security software and 411 directories to international calling, call recording and SMS.
Your choice of VoIP provider determines which options you get, so it is smart to evaluate the possibilities wisely. Learn how advanced VoIP features might make your communications flow more smoothly by chatting with 888VoIP.

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