Truphone 3.0 Released

truphone2For those of you unfamiliar with Truphone, it is a free piece of software that you can download to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Running this software on your mobile device allows you to make/receive calls via your data connection(WiFi for example), rather than using the standard Verizon/Sprint/etc Network. Through using this VoIP application you’re able to gain huge savings on international calls to both mobile and landline numbers because you are traveling over a lower-cost VoIP network.

Truphone 3.0 has a few major improvements over previous verisons such as, improved voice quality and an intergrated messaging tool to unify all IM services in a single place. Truphone 3.0 has also made some siginificant enhancements for the iPod touch, notably with its increased intuitiveness and responsiveness when using the touch screen.
Many of us are looking for more ways to use our VoIP service plans, other than through our home phones or business IP PBX’s, so why not use our personal cell devices too?
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