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Better Paging with CyberData InformaCast Ceiling Speakers

CyberData 011504 Ceiling Speaker

Using InformaCast? Amp up your paging and mass notification capabilities with the new InformaCast-Enabled Ceiling Speaker 011504 from CyberData. This cost-effective ceiling speaker is an economical PoE and VoIP public address device that plays both InformaCast and multicast messages. Easily connect to your PoE network with just a single Ethernet cable connection. With the device’s small footprint, this speaker can be discreetly mounted in the ceiling.

Devices Features

The 011504 Ceiling Speaker includes features such as:

  • Capability of receiving Singlewire Informacast & multicast messages
  • Support of Singlewire InformaCast high-quality audio
  • Support of audio prioritization for 10 multicast paging groups
  • Receiving pages directly from Poly phones
  • Network-adjustable speaker volume
  • High efficiency speaker driver
  • Compact with small footprint
  • TLS security for autoprovisioning and web-based configuration
  • User upgradeable firmware via the web interface or autoprovisioning
  • Configurable event generation for device health & status monitoring

The new 011504 InformaCast Enabled Ceiling Speaker is ideal for schools and universities, in classrooms or hallways, manufacturing facilities, government offices, the SMB, or anywhere that there is a need for mass communication on a tight budget!

To learn more about CyberData solutions, including the new 011504 Ceiling Speaker, contact our VoIP specialists at 888-864-7786 or

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