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Back to Business Incentives from Snom

Businesses face enough challenges – customer communication doesn’t need to be one of them. Snom is here to help by making it easier than ever to upgrade to the latest Snom devices with their back-to-business incentives. 

Snom M100 Series

From startups to enterprise-level companies, Snom is tackling some of businesses’ biggest hurdles: upfront purchasing costs. Their three programs are designed to remove barriers to upgrading your devices, which can reduce monthly operating costs.

New Lower Prices
We recognize that budgets are tight and businesses might be struggling. So, Snom has lowered their prices as a first step. The price decreases are effective April 1, 2021 on all current lines of products.

 Trade-In Rebates
Snom’s popular trade-in rebate program offers cashback directly to businesses (end-customers) who replace 5 or more of their old phones with new eligible Snom phones. You can earn up to $35 back per phone, and save up to $4,000 or more when you upgrade up to 200 phones!

Devices-as-a-Service a.k.a. Device Leasing
Not sure if device ownership makes sense for your business, or short of the upfront cash to make it happen? Devices-as-a-Service, or Daas, is a low-cost leasing program that removes these barriers. Businesses can access the latest Snom SIP telephony solutions with low monthly payments, all delivered by a simple, monthly service cost from your regular provider, reseller, or VARS contact. DaaS enables more frequent device upgrades and the flexibility for businesses to scale up or down in real-time to match their employee count and business needs without the commitment of product ownership.

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