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An Economical Door Control Solution for Pre-Existing Systems: SIP Dual Relay Controller by Cyberdata

CyberData is excited to announce the release of its newest product, the SIP Dual Relay Controller. This high amperage SIP-enabled access control system offers an economical option for those wanting to add extra security to their access points or in the maintenance of heat, moisture or humidity-sensitive products.

Security at the Touch of a Button

The SIP Dual Relay Controller functions well in areas where further security is needed, or the use of a two-way communication system is not practical or viable. Customers have the option of activating the Dual Relay Controller with the press of a button (perfect when paired with CyberData’s 011508 Remote Call Button, sold separately) or through the use of a DTMF code.

Not Only a Door Control System

The Dual Relay Controller doesn’t only function as a door control system; the Controller can also create notifications based on the activation or deactivation of a connected sensor. For example, it can receive inputs from systems that monitor heat, moisture or humidity, which, in turn, trigger a stored audio message, such as “door ajar” or “visitor at main gate.” After this message alerts the user, they can activate a remote call button or take further investigative action.

The Economical Advantage

Many customers will be excited about the Dual Relay Controller’s use as an economical door control system. For customers that may already have high-end security systems or other means of monitoring, the Dual Relay Controller offers the ability to control doors or gates with the click of a button—no need to purchase an expensive door control system with intercom functionality!

For more information, view CyberData’s press release.

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