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A Snom IP Phone for Every Office Associate

Snom 375It is easy to recommend one product to all your customers and assume that it is going to be the ideal solution for their employees.  But, when it comes to VoIP hardware, it is not “one size fits all.”  Different roles require just that: different IP phones with different telephony features, whether it is the phone’s functionality, size, the design of the model, mobility options, or advanced features.
We have identified several roles in a business environment that may require varying IP solutions.  For each of these roles, we have chosen a different Snom solution that could improve productivity and communication efficiency:

  • Sales: The sales team is frequently utilizing their phones & needs an IP phone that can handle high data loads, which means a Gigabit Ethernet connection.  Since the team is often receiving multiple calls at once, important features are call transfer, call waiting voicemail, and caller ID.  Sales associates may often be mobile employees, too, so an IP phone model should support a hands-free or Bluetooth headset.  Our recommendation: D765 Desk Telephone with HS-MM2 Headset for 700 Series Telephones


  • Mobile Employees:  In a setting such as retail or hospitality, employees are extremely mobile and they cannot rely on a desk phone.  To ensure that they can “take” their calls while focusing on other tasks in other areas of the workplace, they need a wireless IP phone.  The wireless handset, with a built-in DECT transceiver, will allow them to move around freely.  These employees also benefit greatly from caller ID features, allowing them to weed out important calls and focus on their fast-paced job duties, as well as a heavy-duty phone that can withstand use in a busy environment.  Our recommendation: M85 Industrial Handset for Retail & Hospitality Environments


  • Telemarketing:  Like sales associates, telemarketers are consistently on the phone, so they need a phone that can last.  The design needs to be comfortable and durable, and the phone itself needs to be able to withstand a heavy amount of use.  Because these employees demand CTI and database integration, their phones should be equipped with database integration capacity.  Our recommendation: D345 Desk Telephone with HS-MM2 Headset for 300 Series Telephones


  • Receptionist:  Receptionists & Office Managers need a phone that will help them monitor and manage incoming phone calls.  Since they are also redirecting many of the calls they receive, they should have a model that provides easy access to a company directory.  Their phone model should be compatible with an expansion module, too, in case they need more function keys.  These phones should also have keys programmed for line, speed dial, and presence indicator.  Make life easier for these associates by providing a phone with a clear screen that is not difficult to navigate.  Our recommendation: D725 Desk Telephone with the D7 Expansion Module


  • Management:  Business executives should have a phone that fits their part: something that is top-of-the-line, sleek, functional, and eye-catching.  A high-resolution display and access to staff monitoring tools would be valuable to someone in a management position.  While not always necessary, business executives should have a model that includes advanced telephony features – in case they need them implemented at any point.  Our recommendation: D375 Desk Telephone


  • Other Departments that Use the Phone Infrequently:  Some departments, such as marketing and accounting, may not need to use their phone as frequently.  Their phones need the basic telephony features, which are easy to use and understand, and can be less expensive models.  For those in design functions, they may need a model that takes up less space on their desk – so they can use their workspace for their creative assets.  Choosing a smaller compact model would be ideal for these individuals.  Our recommendation: D305 Desk Telephone

888VoIP is pleased to announce that it recently added Snom to its product portfolio.  To learn more about Snom solutions and how they could benefit your customers, contact an 888VoIP sales representative at 888-864-7786 or by e-mailing  To learn more about Snom, visit their website here.

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